The Santa Fe Opera

As an Apprentice Electrician with SFO I had the opportunity of spending 3 months in beautiful Santa Fe, New Mexico. My experience at SFO was filled with learning, growth, and organized chaos (appreciated). In these experiences, I was able to grow and expand on my skills as a professional more than I could have ever foreseen. As described by SFO: "Electrics Apprentices work as part of a crew of eight electricians to complete a daily change over & re-focus of approximately 250 lights in a 1 ½ hour period of daylight, build practicals, and wire set mounts. All apprentices will either run a follow spot or work as a deck electrician for all 4 operas."

SFO Summer 2021

SFO - Apprentice Scenes 2021

Apprentice Scenes

As described by SFO:"The opera’s singing and technical apprentices take the mainstage spotlight for two unique evenings of staged scenes. These evenings are fun-filled “sampler boxes” of operatic styles"
Apprentice scenes or "A3's" gave apprentices the opportunity to apply for positions within the opera such as Lighting Designer, Stage Manager, Performer... etc for two nights of opera.